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5 Awesome Reasons You Should Sleep N**k*d Always

Sleeping n.ak*d provides several health benefits for our body, ranging from an improved hormonal balance and mood to better s*x. Below are some amazing reasons sleeping na.ked is good for your health: 1. Better and deeper sleep: Getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done for most people …

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7 Types Of People You Will Meet In Public Transport

If you use public transportation, here are seven (7) attitudes you will often find in passengers. Read Below; 1. Assistant Drivers: These ones are usually in front seats. You’ll always hear them yelling at the driver saying, “Take left! Overtake that guy!” Or, “Driver no match brake na! Na him …

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Ghanaian Nurse Buried The Weirdest Way Possible (Photo)

This was what a Ghanaian Nurse was buried in — a customized coffin in form of a syringe. Custom coffins are quite common in Ghana. There are some specialized custom coffin makers in Ghana who build coffins that allows the deceased to be buried in everything “they would dream of” – ranging from …

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