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Guys, Get In Here! 8 Types of Women You Should Totally Avoid

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The Barbie

Very great looks. totally makes all the other guys jealous of you… but that’s all there is about her.

No brains whatsoever. What’s worse, she never makes any attempt to get knowledge [or maybe she really just can’t.]

The entitled

[Cue in Mr. Eazi‘s song; ‘Hollup’]

This woman thinks the world revolves around her, she thinks she deserves everything you do for her. Even the love you have for her, she feels it is deserved.

Guess what happens when a woman is like this: she becomes ungrateful. You don’t need this kind of woman who takes you and your love for granted.

The greatly insecure

Admittedly, many people have one insecurity or another, but this kind of woman takes insecurity to a whole new level.

Constantly fishing for compliments to validate her self-worth, never confident in how great she is, or in her abilities.

Miss Perfectionist

If you treasure your mental health, you’ll learn to never come close to this kind of woman.

Given the potential of men to be a bit disorganised [actually, more than a bit], one of the worst things you can do to yourself is being with a woman who is obsessed about everything being spic-span and orderly always.

You could literally die of the headache.


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