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8 Things That Are More Painful Than Childbirth

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Here’s what a few women think hurt more than childbirth:

1. Migraine Headache:

A migraine is not a one-off pain. Several people experience it for days, and many have reported that it is an unrelenting pain. The pain will be accompanied by symptoms like light sensitivity, nausea, and vomiting. If you can carry out a day’s work in spite of it, you have some super endurance!

2. Broken Bones:
Apparently it is more painful than birthing according to a woman who broke her ankle. The worse to follow is using the crutches. You don’t use crutches post-delivery. So that puts labor pains in good light. The wear and tear are soon healed off, and you can walk normally again.

3. Kidney Stones:
Someone who had kidney stones thought that childbirth was easier than this problem. Some have said that they are equivalent, but one woman went as far as to say that kidney stones were as good as a man giving birth to a baby!


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