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The Top 6 Greatest Military Leaders of All Time

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Greatest Military Leaders of All Time
The freedom we have now is a result of countless battles between kingdoms and monarchies in the past. As we continue to live in the present, it is also essential to be aware of the people who have won countless battles that have lead to the current state that we have today. The following are six of the best military leaders of all time that have contributed to the rich history of the world as we are taught.

Alexander the Great

Greatest Military Leaders of All Time
Alexander III is the king of Macedonia succeeding his father Philip II at the age of twenty. He was born in 356 BC and had Aristotle as a tutor around his 16th year. He inherited a strong kingdom and was good at using its full power. He spent most of his years as a king and lunched a Panhellenic campaign throughout Asia and Africa.

A decade later, he was able to create one of ancient world’s largest empires from the outer boundaries of Greece, passing all of Egypt and into the northwest territories of India. He was considered invincible and was undefeated in battle, hailed as the history’s most successful and incomparable military commander until today – a fitting description for one of the greatest military leaders of all time.



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