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7 classy ways to reply when you are insulted, No. 5 Is A Must Practice

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The bad thing is that we’ll all be faced with situations where we’ll be insulted by someone around us . Instead of cursing and making yourself look stupid, you can always fight back with classy replies that will shut them up once and for all.

Holly Riordan of All Women Stalk gives tips on what to say when faced with such a situation:

  • I’ve been called worse things by better people: When someone insults you, you need to act like what they said hasn’t bothered you in the least. That’s why this is one of the best comebacks you could use in an argument. It’ll insult the person you’re speaking to while letting them know that you couldn’t care less about what they think of you. Their opinion means nothing.

  • I can explain it to you, but I can’t comprehend it for you:When the person you’re arguing with doesn’t seem to get your point, you should use this comeback. It shows them that you’re willing to explain what you’re saying, but that you don’t think it will help them, because they aren’t smart enough to understand. Anyone would have a tough #time coming up with something to say back to this comeback.


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